50 MW Dutch bioenergy plant commences operations

By Erin Voegele | February 11, 2014

A 49.9-megawatt (MW) biomass power plant recently began operations at the Delfzijl port in the northern region of the Netherlands. The Bio Golden Raand facility is operated by the Dutch utility Eneco.

On Jan. 31, France-based energy company AREVA announced the project, which began operations in late 2013, had been successfully delivered to Eneco. According to information released by AREVA, the plant was jointly developed by Dutch civil works company Ballast Nedam Industriebouw and Metso Power Oy. Construction on the project began in late 2011.

“The facility, which was delivered with full customer satisfaction, demonstrates AREVA’s commitment to safety, quality, and the development of its renewable activities,” said Marc Laur, CEO of AREVA Bioenergy.

According to information published by Eneco, the plant takes in approximately 300,000 metric tons of waste wood each year as feedstock. Wood chips to fuel the plant are transported to the facility by ship train and truck from the Netherlands and surrounding countries. The company has estimated the plant will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 250,000 tons per year.

The company has also indicated the facility features an electrical efficiency of 37 percent. The high efficiency rate is attributed to the relatively high pressure and temperature of the steam circuit, the use of sea water in the cooling system and the application of fluidized bed combustion technology.

The plant can produce enough electricity to power approximately 120,000 households. Information released by Eneco indicates AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals is purchasing approximately half of the plant’s electricity production.

“We are very proud to introduce Bio Golden Raand in our asset portfolio. The power plant in Delfzijl marks a big step forward for Eneco,” said Patrick Zwinkels, project manager of Eneco Bio Golden Raand.