Valmet, Zilkha Biomass Energy announce collaborative agreement

By Valmet Corp. | February 19, 2014

Zilkha Biomass Energy LLC and Valmet Corp. have signed a five-year collaboration agreement in the field of steam exploded black pellets. The purpose of the agreement is to bring steam exploded black pellets to the market. These pellets are principally used for replacing fossil coal as the energy source in heat and power generation. The parties will work together to develop a joint global offering.

"Valmet is a highly regarded technology provider in the pulp, paper and energy industry. Their network will provide a great channel for introducing manufacturers to the advantages of the Zilkha Black Pellet," said Jack Holmes, CEO of Zilkha Biomass Energy.

"Through this five-year collaboration, we are partnering with a well-established technology and equipment supplier to offer advanced solutions for the growing biomass market. We are very excited about this arrangement," Holmes continued.

"The market for steam exploded black pellets is expected to grow rapidly in coming years as the pressure to replace fossil fuels with sustainable environmentally friendly alternatives is getting stronger. Combining Zilkha's deep know-how in pellet production and distribution with Valmet's project capabilities brings great opportunities to develop and exploit a new emerging technology," says Rickard Andersson, vice president of bio technology and environmental systems, pulp and energy business line, Valmet.

Steam exploded black pellets provide a number of benefits compared to traditional wood pellets. These include improved durability, water-resistance, higher energy content, lower shipping costs, and reduced dust problems compared to other types of bio-based pellets. Due to their properties, these black pellets can be handled in similar manner to fossil coal. This significantly reduces, or even removes, the need for expensive investments in logistics and plant rebuilds.