Herty adds new mobile equipment

By Staff | March 27, 2014

The Herty Advanced Materials Development Center has announced the addition of a new mobile pellet development unit (MPDU), a versatile pellet system designed for rapid screening of feedstocks and processing conditions.

The MPDU is a research tool that is designed to be more versatile and cost-effective than full-scale systems. The unit can be rapidly reconfigured to assess feedstocks and identify optimum processing conditions.

According to Herty, the MPDU can be employed either onsite at Herty or at a client’s site in a skid-mounted unit. It offers an option of six compression ratio dies and can produce up to 200 pounds of pellets per hour and provides realistic operational parameters that are relevant at the commercial scale.
The equipment was obtained through a donation from Italy-based La Meccanica s.r.l., a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of pellet equipment.