MESys Expands to Massachusetts

By Anna Simet | June 06, 2014

 This week, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources dished out $3.5 million to renewable heating projects in the state, as I briefly reported on yesterday.

Among grant recipients were our friends at Maine Energy Systems (MESys), which received over $800,000 to develop a bulk wood pellet distribution facility and wood pellet boiler showroom in Salisbury, Mass. MESys is headquartered in Bethel, Maine, and this new facility sounds like it will be set up similarly. I was actually up there for a visit in April while attending the Northeast Biomass Heating Expo, and I have to say that it’s a pretty neat place.

This morning, I gave Dutch Dresser a buzz to talk a little bit more about MES’s plans. The facility will have a two-silo storage system like its Bethel facility does, he said, to store pellets from the mills MES does business with, and a 16-ton, Austrian-style bulk delivery truck that will be used to deliver the pellets to homes and businesses. Areas the facility will serve include the Massachusetts region, northern Connecticut, Rhode Island, southern Maine, southern New Hampshire and southern Vermont, he said.

Also on the Salisbury site will be a warehouse for MESys AutoPellet boilers and parts, and a showroom for boiler technology.

So why Massachusetts? “I think there are two reason,” Dresser said, “One is that it’s a large market opportunity, and the area is currently underserved while there’s growing demand. Also, the Mass DOER has continuously been very aggressive about promoting renewable energy growth in the state.”

Construction will begin right away, Dresser told me. “We’re in the process of closing on the land now, and we’re anxious to get moving. We’re looking for the right people as we speak.”

And the spread of renewable wood heat in the Northeast region continues. I look forward to seeing plans for this facility progress—congratulations to MESys.