Biomass Magazine launches biogas map

By Anna Simet | July 29, 2014

Biomass Magazine has added biogas energy producers to its existing portfolio of bioenergy map products, which includes U.S. biomass power facilities and U.S. and Canada pellet manufacturing plants

The product is the result of many months of extensive research and data gathering by Biomass Magazine staff. “We’re very excited to take our first step towards bringing our biogas data and map offering to the same level our readers and audience enjoy in the biomass power and pellet segments,” said Tim Portz, executive editor of Biomass Magazine. “The industry is an exciting piece of the larger biomass-to-energy space that is experiencing great momentum right now.”

Portz says the mapping too will help users gain a better perspective of digesters from a geospatial and data perspective, as digesters are deployed in many different industrial and agricultural applications and produce a variety of end products, including heat, power or vehicle fuels.

The map offers what Portz describes as “down the stack” pinpointing, using Google Earth satellite imagery. “Two years ago, we decided that for an online map to be of any value, we had to move towards dropping the pin right on top of the facility,” he said. “For a long time, our online maps were like most of the others that are available in that the pin was dropped on a zip code or a street address of an administrative office. We went through the effort to identify the exact latitudes and longitudes of each facility in the industries we cover and the difference is immediately apparent.”

The map currently includes on-farm digesters and wastewater treatment plants that provide power to the grid. Information includes digester/plant name, location, and the energy product produced. More information is being gathered for addition to the map, and in the near future, community digesters and digesters that deliver thermal loads to industrial facilities, such as breweries, will be added.

Access the map in list or map format here.




5 Responses

  1. Brian



    The map is missing Stahlbush Island Farms in Corvallis, OR

  2. Anna Simet



    Thanks, Brian. We will add it to the list.

  3. Tim Portz



    To whom it may concern: We cannot stress enough that this is a phased approach and we fully intend to continue refining this list over the coming months. Please keep the comments and FYIs coming. We'll keep the "beta" qualifier on the map until we feel confident we've got everything listed and correctly identified. The Biomass Magazine Team

  4. Mopey



    Were you not aware of the maps the American Biogas Council has developed? It's inclusive of farm digesters, wastewater and landfills and provides a lot more detail than your map. Seems like you could've saved yourself those months of extensive research....

  5. Tim Portz



    Mopey, We are aware of the American Biogas Council map, and I agree that it provides some nice information. That said, we pride ourselves on being able to provide "down the stack" views of the facilities in the industries we serve. No one else offers this. If you zoom into the pins on the ABC map, you'll find the dots have been dropped via zip code. Our team worked hard to build a map that would allow folks an opportunity to see the actual facility. The results, we think, speak for themselves. I invite you to zoom in to any of the digesters on our list and see the difference for yourself. Tim Portz Executive Editor Biomass Magazine


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