ASTM announces revised aviation fuel standard

By Staff | August 15, 2014

Renewable synthesized iso-paraffinic fuel has now been included in ASTM International standard D7566, Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel Containing Synthesized Hydrocarbons. According to ASTM, a recently approved revision that adds synthesized iso-paraffinic fuel to the ASTM D7566 annex will facilitate use of the fuels in all airlines internationally. The revised standard ensures biobased fuel quality equal or superior to petroleum-derived aviation turbine fuels.

First approved in 2009, ASTM D7566 covers an end-to-end evaluation program to verify and ensure that products covered by the standard are fully compatible with all engine parts and all material and equipment used in the supply chain.

“The introduction of renewable fuel into the aviation industry enables a meaningful reduction of greenhouse gas emissions without compromising fuel performance,” says ASTM member Fernando Garcia, senior director of scientific and regulatory affairs at Amyris Inc.