Q3 Biomass Construction Update Underway

By Anna Simet | August 15, 2014

Starting now, I’ll be managing Biomass Magazine’s quarterly construction update, and I have a few goals for this edition, which will be printed in the October issue.

If you’re not familiar, the BCU is our quarterly progress report that details projects under active construction in the power, thermal, biogas and biofuels/chemicals (with the exception of first-generation fuels) space. While we’ve continued to follow many of the same projects quarter to quarter, my aim is to introduce some—as many as possible—that we have not before.

So, if you have recently begun construction on a new project (or will soon, I’ll tuck it away for the next BCU) email me at

The second goal for this quarter is adding a thermal section to the update. Previously, we have included power, pellet, biogas and advanced biofuel projects, and it’s time to expand that and include thermal projects. Installing a wood chip heating system at a university, greenhouse, school or hospital, in the U.S. or elsewhere? Or a commercial-scale pellet boiler system? I’d love to hear about it. We don’t discriminate against smaller projects.

Last, I want to get some RNG and CNG projects into the biogas section. With the recent finalization of the renewable fuel standard pathway rule, I know many are planning to seize the opportunity to earn some RINs. (Ameresco is just one example).

Even if your project is in preliminary stages and you’re not quite ready to share it with the world, shoot me a note and get it on our radar. That way, when we’re deciding to check up on some projects for subsequent updates, we’ll check in with you and see if you’re ready for inclusion.

The BCU is a great way to showcase progress that you’re making on your project, and acknowledge the work that your engineers, designers, technology providers are doing as well.

It is also tangible proof that the despite the inconsistent policy rigmarole the industry faces in the U.S., cheap natural gas and other competing fuel sources, and any other hindrance that projects are facing today, the industry is continuing to grow, one project at a time.




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  1. Sam Dehne



    MEMO Sam Dehne, Lt Col, USAF (ret) Subject: First American Scientific Corp (FASC) Dear Ms. Simet, I saw your excellent report in Biomass Magazine and decided maybe you would like to hear about a company I have been following (as a stock investor) for over 10 years. It has been taking (lots of) baby steps to get its invention "out there". And has more than 50 of its KDS (Kinetic Disintegator System) machines working at myriad facilities and companies around the world. First American Scientific Corp has been working at creating wood pellets (and lots of other projects) for many of these years. They've been continuously upgrading the KDS to the point that it is now a veritable "miracle machine"; with more different capabilities than just about anything a person can find anywhere. You can find out more about it at their Home Page website (and on Facebook). Hqtrs has been spending more of their time working on and distributing the KDS than they have the website and marketing. sincerely, Sam Dehne


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