Amyris to enter the industrial cleaning products market

By Amyris Inc. | January 20, 2015

Amyris Inc. has announced it plans to launch its first industrial cleaning products containing Amyris's Myralene renewable solvents through U.S. AutoForce and U.S. Lubricants, divisions of U.S. Venture Inc.

This planned partnership will enable Amyris's high performance renewable industrial cleaning products to gain visibility and access to over 35,000 automotive aftermarket and industrial outlets served by U.S. Venture divisions.

"We are excited about the marketing capability of the U.S. AutoForce and U.S. Lubricants teams and committed to establishing a mutually-beneficial marketing collaboration that enables Myralene-based cleaning products to become preferred cleaning agents for the auto service industry and other industrial applications," said John Melo, president and CEO of Amyris.

Amyris has developed a best-in-class renewable solvent produced from plant sugars. The Myralene solvent is derived from Amyris's renewable hydrocarbon building block, farnesene. Myralene sustainably-sourced, VOC-exempt solvents provide a favorable viscosity profile, superior degreasing power, excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability, low odor, no color, and ready biodegradability.

"We're excited at the performance of the Myralene product line and the potential of combining our industry-leading distribution business with Amyris renewable products. Our access to a large variety of automotive aftermarkets and industrial consumers provides both of our companies with strong opportunities for growth," said John Schmidt, CEO of U.S. Venture.

"Amyris continues to deliver strong operational performance as we execute on our plan to deliver positive cash flow from operations in 2015. The initial customer feedback on products formulated with our renewable ingredients, such as our Myralene solvents, has been positive and underscores the potential growth in our No Compromise product portfolio. Customers want better performing products that are competitively priced and do not damage the environment," concluded Melo.