World’s largest shipment of pellets reaches UK

By Erin Voegele | September 25, 2015

The world’s largest single shipment of wood pellets was discharged at the Associated British Ports’ Humber International Terminal at the Port of Immingham in the U.K. in July, destined for delivery to Drax.

Nearly 60,000 metric tons of wood pellets were unloaded from the POPI S. The event marks the first time pellets have been carried by a Panamax-class vessel. The ship was originally loaded at the Westview Terminal in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, in early June before making the 34-day journey to the U.K.

The pellets were discharged using ABP’s bespoke continuous ship unloaders, which feed the biomass fuel onto a conveyor system connected to Immingham Renewable Fuels Terminal. The pellets are stored in eight silos, each with a 25,000-metric-ton storage capacity, before being transported to Drax via rail.