Cleanaway powering homes with energy from landfill gas

By Cleanaway | June 24, 2016

Australia-based Cleanaway has turned landfill gas into enough renewable energy to power over 16,000 homes for a year. Rather than letting waste sit, Cleanaway is managing sustainably to ensure a healthier future for our planet and a smaller environmental footprint for your business.

“Sustainability is our stock in trade. We’ve built our business around recovering, reducing, reusing, recycling and repurposing,” Cleanaway Executive general manager of sales and marketing Dave Aardsma said.

In 2015 Cleanaway collected 113 million kWh of energy from landfill gas, enough to power over 16,000 homes for a year. That meant collecting 76 million cubic meters of landfill gas.

“Collecting waste is only part of the waste management job—making it sustainable is the challenge we’ve set for ourselves,” Aardsma said. “We aspire to take a sustainable approach to everything we do, from the way we do business to our work in our local community. We are continuing to expand landfill gas projects across the country.”

Cleanaway also processed 99,000 metric tons of organic liquid waste in 2015, using it to fertilize agricultural land through soil injection.

“You can count on us to be the reliable single point of your waste management needs, manage it sustainably, and deliver the best possible outcome for the environment,” Aardsma said. “We will continue to innovate and provide sustainable solutions to minimize impact and maximize value from the waste we manage.”

Along with minimizing the impact on the environment, Cleanaway is minimizing the effect waste disposal can have on the community.

“We are looking at ways to maximize waste-to-energy opportunities across our landfill sites. We also speak to local communities to spread the message of the importance of taking a sustainable approach to things we can all do at home, at work and in our neighborhood,” Aardsma said.

Cleanaway’s paper and cardboard is another focus area handling 228,221 metric tons of paper and cardboard in 2015, 10,179 metric tons of plastic packaging, and 3,758 metric tons of metal packaging.

“We are the experts in recycling and reusing materials that Australian households and businesses throw away every single day,” Aardsma said. "We are an Environmental Protection Authority licensed service and we can provide you with associated EPA documentation. Talk to us about how our professional, proficient staff can advise you on collection, storage and transport, and how you can do your part to ensure your waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.”