AEO announces core engineering team for New York AD project

By American Organic Energy | August 04, 2016

American Organic Energy recently announced that it has solidified its core engineering team to construct its anaerobic digester facility on Long Island, New York. Louis Perry Group, a CDM Smith Co., has been awarded a contract by American Organic Energy to provide engineering services in conjunction with GE Power & Water, The Eggersmann Group of Germany, and Green Arrow Engineering.

Louis Perry Group will design plant systems and structures to support AOE’s production process, including buildings and building mechanical systems, foundations and poured tanks, process and auxiliary piping, and electrical systems.  Jim Calderone, president of Louis Perry Group, said, “We are excited to be a member of American Organic Energy’s team for the anaerobic digester project. Projects such as this one represent the future of waste disposal, and Louis Perry Group appreciates the opportunity to furnish services that are an integral part of constructing this innovative facility.”

Regional stakeholders from community residents and environmental organizations to government agencies have lauded the AOE anaerobic digester project. New York State called it “a significant step forward for the Long Island region in minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing material going into landfills, providing economic and environmental benefits to its residents.” Adrienne Esposito, executive director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment, who has been instrumental in coordinating communication between AOE and community stakeholders, calls the digester a “game-changer for solid waste on Long Island.”

Once fully operational, the facility will recycle food waste to produce vehicle fuel, electricity, compost and clean water, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40,000 tons per year.

“The Louis Perry Group is the capstone to the most elite engineering team one could imagine,” says Charles Vigliotti, President and CEO of AOE. “One of the hallmarks of their design is the incorporation of an elevated and enclosed public viewing area throughout the entire facility. We could never have brought this project to where it is today without the support of the community so we wanted to create an environment that allowed our friends, partners and neighbors to witness this groundbreaking process.”

“We’re moving into the final permitting phase with each of the regulatory entities that we’ve worked closely with over the past couple of years,” says AOE co-founder Arnold Vigliotti. “The DEC, Suffolk County and Town of Brookhaven have been true partners and visionaries throughout this process in large part due to the sophistication of the engineering partners that we have selected.”