Enzyme developer teams with CTC

By Jessica Ebert
Danish biotechnology giant Novozymes recently signed an agreement with Brazil's Sugarcane Center of Technology (CTC) to collaborate on ethanol production from sugarcane bagasse.

Under the agreement, Novozymes will provide enzyme technology that will enable higher ethanol yields, thereby optimizing the economy and energy balance of the process. "We are really looking forward to the cooperation with CTC, being it's an important player in the Brazilian biofuels sector," said Novozymes Chief Executive Officer Steen Riisgaard. "The research agreement is part of our efforts to identify economically profitable processes within the development of biofuels from plant waste and other biomass, and although it will be a few years before we know the extent to which the cooperation can be commercialized, we see considerable potential."

Based in Piracicaba in the state of São Paulo, the CTC carries out research in the areas of mechanic planting and harvesting, biotechnology, biological pest control, sugar and alcohol production, and power generation, among other interests. Current CTC projects include harvesting the domestic sugarcane varieties with high productivity rates, yields and pest resistance.