Covanta provides plant project updates

By Anna Simet | October 26, 2016

Covanta’s waste-to-energy plant under construction in Dublin, Ireland, is on track to undergo first fire by the end of Q1, CEO and President Stephen Jones said during the company’s Q3 financial earnings call.

Construction of the 58-MW Dublin Waste-to-Energy Facility, located in Poolbeg, Dublin Port, is going well, Jones said. “We were more than 75 percent complete as of the end of the quarter, and on track to achieve first fire by end of Q1 2017, and be in commercial operations by end of Q3.”

About 90 percent of waste capacity for the facility has been contracted, Jones said, the average contract length being about nine years.

Construction of the facility began in Q4 2014.  A public-private partnership between Covanta and Dublin City Council, the facility will process approximately 600,000 metric tons of waste annually and will power 80,000 homes. It has been designed with technology and infrastructure to provide enough heat to meet the equivalent needs of over 50,000 homes if a district heating system is built in the future.

Also during the call, Jones also provided an updated on a major maintenance project at the company’s largest facility, an 80-MW plant in Fairfax, Virginia plant.  “Plant work is underway to address some production issues that we identified earlier this year, as well as reduce future unplanned plant down time,” Jones said. “In terms of facility upgrades, installation of first of four new baghouses was finished earlier this month. We’ll be undertaking lot of work on facility over the next 18 months to bring it up to best-in-class standards.”

A potential Perth, Australia, project announced in a previous earnings call has been scrapped, Jones said, adding that the company is still interested in the Australian market and intends to stay active there, and focus development activity in other geographies in Europe and Asia.