Studstrup Power Station begins burning pellets

By Erin Voegele | January 13, 2017

In Denmark, the Studstrup Power Station celebrated its conversion to wood pellets in October. The large-scale combined-heat-and-power plant provides district heating to the city of Aarhus and surrounding areas. The plant is expected to produce district heating for approximately 106,000 Danish homes, along with enough electricity to serve approximately 230,000 homes annually.

According to DONG Energy, the conversion took approximately two years to complete and is the largest conversion to green energy completed in Denmark to date.

Earlier this year, a storage silo with the capacity to store 65,000 metric tons of wood pellets was constructed at the power station site, along with the installation of more than 800 meters of closed conveyor belts to transport wood pellets from the harbor to the silo and into the boiler. In May, DONG Energy noted the first shipments of pellets had begun to arrive at the site.