California biomass plant to restart, calls for fuel suppliers

By Anna Simet | June 26, 2017

A northern California biomass plant readying to recommence operations is seeking fuel suppliers.

Blue Lake Power LLC, a 12-MW power station in Blue Lake, California, issued a call for fuel suppliers last week. The plant is permitted to burn untreated wood including sawmill hog fuel, shavings, bark, branches, tree tops, tree tops, yard waste, walnut shells and other woody agricultural waste, and woody materials from hazardous forest areas.

The facility requires approximately 175 highway loaded chip vans of fuel per week, according to Blue Lake. The call for fuels suppliers specifies interest in both short- and long-term contracts, and indicates that rail unloading is not available, but deliveries to a remote site that is being developed by Blue Lake Power may be possible. Additionally, “the price paid, for any potential fuel purchased is dependent on a number of factors and can be negotiated between the parties. Payment terms are also negotiable. The price and terms will be competitive with the existing market.”

Blue Lake Power was built in 1984, and has been idled and restarted several times since. Most recently, it closed in May 2015, and since then has made court-ordered emission control upgrades. The plant plans to reopen in July.

Fuel suppliers are being directed to contact Blue Lake Power Plant Manager Mike Dedmore at 707-362-6175.