Connecticut recycler to build biomass-based electric power plant

By Anduin Kirkbride McElroy
One of the fastest-growing recyclers in New England is planning to install a 12-megawatt biomass-to-electric-power plant as part of an expansion. CT Waste Transfer LLC, based in Shelton, Conn., is in the middle of permitting a gasification system that would process clean wood from land-clearing, construction and demolition operations.

Currently, the company sorts and processes 200 tons of municipal solid waste, and construction and demolition debris per day. It is expanding its current recycling facility by an additional 15,000 square feet, which will enable the facility to process another 800 tons of mixed debris per day. The gasification facility is included within the second phase of the expansion. "For phase two, we want to convey ground wood right to the biomass-to-electricity plant, which would be adjacent to the processing building," said company owner Joe Salemme. "It would eliminate trucking wood off the property, which is one of our advantages."

The company has identified proven gasification technologies and expects a contract with a technology provider to be finalized this spring, Salemme said. The last of four permits-the air permit-will likely be issued in 2009, after which the company will begin construction, which should take three to six months.