Weltec builds 3 biogas plants in Northern Ireland, wins award

By Erin Voegele | April 27, 2018

Germany-based Weltec Biopower has announced it is building three 500 kilowatt anaerobic digestion plants in Northern Ireland. The plants are expected to commence operations this summer.

Two of the facilities are located in County Antrim in northeast Northern Ireland. The third is under development in Benburb, County Tyrone, in the south-central region of the country.

Once the three new facilities are operational, Weltec said its anaerobic digestion facilities will account for nine of Northern Ireland’s approximately 40 biogas plants.

The three new biogas projects under development in Northern Ireland are similar, Weltec said, noting each will process slurry and pig, cattle and poultry manure, along with a small volume of renewable raw materials.

One of the facilities in County Antrim is set to use one 2,625 cubic meter stainless steel digester. The second County Antrim plant will use two 2,625 cubic meter digesters. The plant in Benbub will use a slightly larger stainless steel digester.

In recognition of this overseas work, Weltec said it has qualified for second place in the ranking of the German Foreign Trade Award. According to Weltec, it has developed more than 300 biogas plants in 25 countries spanning five continents. The company is currently building facilities in Uruguay, France, Croatia and Greece.