Waste to Wisdom project publishes final report

By Erin Voegele | September 26, 2018

The Waste to Wisdom project has released its final report and project deliverables. The four-year project, which aimed to make better use of forest residues, wrapped up at the end of 2017.

The project built on existing research on the conversion of forest residues into renewable fuel and other biobased products. It aimed to make better use of forest residues wasted from timber harvests and thinning through the use of new equipment, operations and technologies.

The primary goal was to utilize waste forest residues for the production of bioenergy and biobased projects as a strategy to increase the supply of renewable energy, improve the environment and promote economic development in rural, forest-dependent communities.

The effort was funded by a $5.88 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy and was part of the Biomass Research and Development Initiative.  

Information released by the project indicates the funding allowed researchers to conduct field-based experiments to develop innovative tools and systems that improve the economics, accessibility and production of quality feedstocks from forest residues. Funding for the project was also used to develop and test stand-alone in-woods or near-the-forest biomass conversion technologies to evaluate the economic feasibility of commercializing these technologies for the production of biochar, torrefied wood and briquettes. In addition, the funding was used to perform analyses to quantify the life-cycle economic and environmental benefits of utilizing forest residues with biomass conversion technologies for the production of bioenergy and bioproducts.

The Waste to Wisdom project was led by Humboldt University, along with 15 regional partners, including Green Diamond Resource Co., the University of Washington, Oregon State University, the Bureau of Land Management, USDA Forest Service, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, USFS Forest Products Lab, Redwood Forest Foundation, Forest Concepts, Steve Morris Logging, Peterson Pacific Corp., Biochar Solutions, Pellet Fuels Institute, Norris Thermal Technologies, RUF Briquetting Systems, Lane Forest Products, and Forest Business Network.

A copy of the final project report and other product documents are available on the Waste to Wisdom website.