Weltec begins construction of UK biomethane plant

By Erin Voegele | February 27, 2019

Weltec Biopower, a biogas plant manufacture based in Germany, recently announced it has started building a biomethane plant in Pontefract, U.K. for Lanes Farm Energy, a gas-to-grid project developed by Aqua Consultants.

The plant is expected to begin operations later this year and will deliver 7.3 million cubic meters of biomethane to the U.K. gas distribution network, enough to supply approximately 9,600 households.  

According to Weltec, food leftovers will account for more than half of the 80,000 tons per year of substrate processed at the facility. The plant will also process cattle and chicken manure, along with grass silage and hybrid rye, said Kevin Monson, sales manager at Weltec U.K.

Information released by Weltec indicates solids will be fed through two walking-floor fed hoppers with 110 cubic meters and 220 cubic meters of capacity, and two MULTIMex units, which remove foreign objects and then liquefy, shred and macerate incoming solids to make them into a liquid that is easy to pump, mix and digest. Liquids will be fed directly into digesters from five pre-storage tanks, two of which are equipped with stainless steel bottoms, the company said.

According to Weltec, gas production will take place in four stainless-steel digesters with a capacity of 6,848 cubic meters each. A membrane upgrading process will convert the biogas into high-quality biomethane. The company estimates the system will produce 850 cubic meters of biomethane each hour.