Valmet provides automation systems to South Korean biomass plant

By Erin Voegele | May 02, 2019

Valmet announced April 29 it has received a repeat automation technology order for phase two of the Dangjin 4 Biomass Power Plant currently under construction near Seoul, South Korea. The facility is owned by GS EPS Co. Ltd.

Valmet delivered automation for phase one of the plant in 2014-2015. The company said the new power plant will have a capacity of 105 megawatts and run on 100 percent wood chips. Once the new project is complete, Valmet said the Dangjin unit will be the largest biomass power plant in Asia. Valmet said its automation technology allow the facility to further enhance its competitiveness in the power market, increase its electricity capacity, and produce more renewable energy.

Valmet’s delivery includes a Valmet DNA automation system, a vibration monitoring system, a plant performance system, an information management system, a fuel management system, a boiler production system, and a boiler environmental package system.

"Valmet's automation system is one of the best and most optimized solution for biomass-fired power plants. In addition, Valmet listens very carefully to its customers' wishes and concerns. We expect phase 2 to be successful with a great partner like Valmet," said Seung il Choi, general manager, GS E&C.

"We have been successfully providing maintenance services for phase 1 of the Dangjin 4 Biomass Power Plant, and our automation system has proven its flexible operation over the past years," added Wan Mo Yoon, senior sales manager, Energy & Process Systems, Korea, Automation, Valmet.