Business Briefs

By Biomass Magazine | June 27, 2019

Covanta, Babylon extend partnership 
Sustainable waste and energy solution company Covanta has extended its partnership with the town of Babylon, New York, for waste management services at the Babylon Resource Recovery Facility in West Babylon, New York. The new agreement continues a three-decade relationship through 2035, and provides the company with new opportunities for increased metals recovery and revenue sharing, while offering the town long-term price certainty for waste disposal.

Since 1989, the Covanta-operated facility has been a critical component of the town’s sustainable, integrated waste management system which prioritizes recycling and relies on energy recovery for managing the material that remains. In 30 years of operation, the Babylon Resource Recovery Facility has converted over 6.8 million tons of municipal solid waste into 3.2 million megawatt-hours of energy, recovered approximately 135,000 tons of metal for recycling, and avoided the life cycle generation of 5 million tons of greenhouse gasses as CO2 equivalents.

Untha America appoints new director of global business development
Industrial shredding specialist Untha America, based in Hampton, New Hampshire, has appointed Gary Moore director of global business development as the company seeks to grow five-fold over the next three years.

Moore has almost three decades of industry experience and has helped bring more than 300 shredding projects to life worldwide, including over 50 in the waste-to-energy sector.

Before joining Untha’s European team in 2015, where he has contributed to planned strategic company growth over the past three years, he spent 16 years working alongside another large shredding equipment manufacturer headquartered in the U.S.

CDM Smith appoints new industrial sales director
CDM Smith proudly announces the appointment of Rich Hamilton as sales director for its industrial unit. Hamilton brings more than 25 years of experience in strategy development, sales, marketing, operations, contract negotiations, change management and project management, and has received multiple awards for sales and delivery. As sales director for the industrial unit, Hamilton will provide leadership and overall guidance to the CDM Smith sales team, help evaluate markets and assess strategy, and support business development and marketing efforts.

Hamilton’s experience has been focused on industrial markets including chemicals, food and beverage, mining, oil and gas, and power utilities. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point with a degree in engineering. He was captain of mechanized infantry in the U.S. Army for five years, serving in a variety of roles. 

Signal launches advanced NOx gas analyzers 
Signal Group has announced the latest additions to its advanced series IV gas analyzers. The Quasar instruments employ chemiluminescence detection for the continuous measurement of NOx, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide or ammonia in applications such as engine emissions, combustion studies, process monitoring, continuous emissions monitoring systems and gas production.

Heated vacuum chemiluminescence is the reference method for monitoring NOx (combined NO and NO2), offering  higher sensitivity with minimal quenching effects, and a heated reaction chamber facilitates the processing of hot, wet sample gases without condensation. Signal’s vacuum technology improves the signal to noise ratio, and a fast response time makes it ideal for real-time reporting applications. However, a nonvacuum version is available for trace NOx measurements.

Series IV instruments are compatible with 3G, 4G, GPRS, Bluetooth, Wifi and satellite communications; each instrument has its own IP address and runs on Windows software. This provides users with simple, secure access to their analyzers at any time from anywhere.