GESS International to construct fifth biogas plant in Missouri

By GESS International | July 03, 2019

GESS International, a highly experienced and globally established renewable energy company, previously announced plans to construct four green energy biogas plants across Missouri in March 2019. Among the Missouri developments there will now be an additional facility built in Chariton County, Missouri.

The new $40 million investment will create 21 new jobs for the surrounding community.  On an annual basis, this Biogas facility will convert 140,000 tons of cattle and swine manure and 70,000 tons of agricultural residues into 550,000 MMbtu worth of renewable natural gas (RNG). This output is enough to power 6,800 homes for one year, while reducing methane emissions and any potential environmental impacts from local farm operations.

“The benefits of these projects will make a positive impact into the local economy and agricultural industry by adding a major investment into the local tax base, creating and training new employees for the operations of these plants, creating a new revenue stream for area farmers, all while creating a renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Seth Daughety, GESS International’s grant coordinator.

In addition to creating renewable energy, the project will positively impact existing agricultural production facilities. It is GESS International’s goal to help existing agricultural industries in the area become more sustainable.

“Agtech is a leading industry for Missouri,” said Rob Dixon, director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development. “GESS is an important addition to our state as we continue to be the global agtech leader. We are excited that GESS has not only invested in our state, but has also now grown that initial investment and created more opportunity and jobs for Missouri residents.”

The Chariton County plant has an anticipated construction start date in Q3 of 2019 and projected to be operational by Q4 of 2020.

“Chariton County is very pleased that GESS International is making this important investment for the future of renewable energy in our community,” said Tom Burkhart, chairman of the Chariton County Community Economic Development Corporation board of directors. “This new facility adds to the abundance of natural resources in Chariton County.”

“GESS International’s continuing investment into Missouri is a testament to our agtech leadership and our business-friendly environment,” said Subash Alias, CEO of Missouri Partnership. “We are committed to GESS International’s success in the state and are excited to support them with training programs and other assistance. We look forward to their success and the positive impact these jobs will have in the local community.”

GESS International’s total investment in Missouri is now expected to reach $185 million and create more than 100 new jobs in rural Missouri.