Ence’s 46 MW biomass plant in Huelva generates electricity

By Erin Voegele | October 02, 2019

Ence announced Sept. 27 that its new 46 MW biomass generation plant in Huelva, Spain, recently joined the national electricity grid and has generated its first megawatt of renewable energy from biomass.

The plant is currently in a testing phase and expected to officially become operational in December. The company announced in June it had begun final tests of the plant’s equipment.  

Once fully operational, Ence said the facility is capable of producing an estimated 299,000 megawatt hours of electricity annually, enough to meet the energy needs of nearly 56,000 people.

Startup of the new biomass plant will increase the installed capacity of the Ence Huelva energy complex from 91 MW to 137 MW.

The Huelva complex is already home to two biomass power facilities, one with a capacity of 50 MW and the other with a capacity of 41 MW. The existing 50 MW facility began operations in 2012, consumes more than 500,000 tons of biomass annually, and was built according to the best available techniques as recommended by the EU. The new 46 MW plant has also been built with the best available techniques recommended by the EU for the production of energy with biomass.