BC invests $4.28 million to expand Vancouver landfill gas project

By Erin Voegele | October 20, 2021

The government of British Columbia on Oct. 18 announced it is investing $4.28 million through the Clean BC Industry Fund to expand Vancouver’s landfill gas-capture system. The city of Vancouver will supply matching funds.

The project will expand the current landfill gas-collection system by installing a system of wells, collectors and piping to capture methane and carbon dioxide that would otherwise be vented to the atmosphere. Landfill gases will be transported for refining into usable renewable natural gas (RNG) that will be sold to FortisBC and incorporated into the company’s natural-gas distribution system for residents, businesses and the city’s buildings, vehicles and neighborhood energy utility.

The existing landfill gas system captured approximately 73 percent of the gas emitted by the landfill last year. The new project will increase both the total amount of gas captured and the proportion used to produce RNG.

“The Vancouver landfill project is our largest renewable natural gas project to date and a key part of our 30BY30 plan to reduce customers’ greenhouse gas emission by 30 percent by 2030,” said Joe Mazza, vice president of energy supply and resource development, FortisBC. “FortisBC is working with the Province through CleanBC and making substantial investments in innovation, energy efficiency and renewable natural gas to ensure we build a cleaner economy together.”

A full copy of the announcement is available on the government of British Columbia’s website