PowerMaster grinder processes MSW, produces fuel

By Anna Austin
Web exclusive posted Nov. 7, 2008 at 10:29 a.m. CST

San Antonio, Texas-based PowerMaster Corp. has released a waste-to-energy technology which it said is capable of producing diesel fuel at 58 cents per gallon, and could reduce the need for extra landfill space by 97 percent.

The nine-foot tall industrial grinder, which Lila York, PowerMaster director of special projects, described as a "tornado in a can," is capable of processing any waste product or feedstock, with the exception of case-hardened steel. "It is a turn-key, front-end solution to process waste into energy and biomass waste into diesel," York said.

The exterior of the PowerMaster ReCyclone is composed of two pieces of plate steel; the inside is lined with replaceable, abrasion-resistant wear plates. The machine dries material by spinning at 1000 rotations per minute – 650 miles per hour – powered by a 200 to 400 horse power electric motor.

The ReCyclone sorts and grinds waste materials into any specific particle size which is set by the operator. "Such as biomass into three-eighth of an inch to pelletize," York said. "It is infinitely adjustable – if you have to change your feedstock, you don't have to change your hardware."

The machine can also convert MSW, wood waste, and most other hydrocarbon-based wastes into as much as 11,000 gallons of diesel fuel per day.

According to York, the company has identified 17 possible markets for the machine, which has won a Canadian environmental protection award, as well as being named Europe's recycling product of the year.

PowerMaster also offers individual components for recyclers, landfills, manufacturing and waste-to-energy plants such as conveyers, feeders screens hoppers, air classification systems and tire recycling.