U.S. DOE extends renewable energy grant deadline

By Kris Bevill
Web exclusive posted Nov. 20, 2008 at 1:18 p.m. CST

Citing "extensive interest" in the program, the U.S. DOE has extended the application deadline for its Title XVII Loan Guarantee Program for renewable energy projects. The deadline, originally set for Dec. 31, has been extended to Feb. 26, 2009. Any applications that have already been submitted may be revised or amended, so long as the final version is submitted by new deadline.

The loan guarantee program was established with the goal of facilitating early commercial use of new or significantly improved energy-related technologies. Research and development projects need not apply. Projects in 10 renewable areas will be evaluated by the DOE, including biomass, electricity delivery and energy reliability, alternative fuel vehicles, industry energy efficiency projects and pollution control equipment.

DOE Deputy Director of Public Affairs Alyson Austin told Biomass Magazine that the department is authorized to issue up to $42.5 billion in loan guarantees. While there is no specific allocation for biomass projects, Austin said $10 billion of the total allocation is authorized for renewable and/or energy efficient systems and manufacturing, distributed energy generation, as well as transmission and distribution technologies.

The DOE declined to release an estimated number of applications for the loan program. Once the window for applications has closed, the DOE will subject each application to a thorough credit underwriting as a condition for consideration, after which awardees will be notified of their acceptance.

For more information on the loan guarantee program, visit www.lgprogram.energy.gov/index.html.