BBI to host biomass conference in April

Web exclusive posted Jan. 23, 2009, at 11:01 a.m. CST

BBI International's 2009 International Biomass Conference & Expo will be held in Portland, Ore., on April 28-30.

The conference will feature 90 speakers and six feedstock-oriented tracks, or focused topic areas, appealing to the most diverse of biomass interests. The expo is expected to attract 150 exhibitors.

The tracks were designed with specific feedstocks in mind to help focus areas of interest for attendees. The tracks are: crop residues, dedicated energy crops, forest and wood processing residues, livestock and poultry wastes, municipal solid waste, urban wastes and landfill gas, and food processing residues.

The general sessions will include keynote speeches and presentations from industry leaders, as well as diverse panels with participants representing the spectrum of biomass-to-energy conversion technologies currently available. In each session, panelists will field questions from the audience-many of them from waste generating companies that are looking for ways to best utilize their specific biomass feedstock streams.

"This event, now in its second year, is unique because it appeals to a much broader audience than other bioenergy industry conferences," said Tom Bryan, vice president of communications for BBI International. "We, as an industry, can't afford to keep preaching to the choir. The growth of this industry is dependent on the commercial production of power, fuels and chemicals from non-food, non-feed raw materials. Recognizing that, BBI has set out to bring the world's biomass producers-growers and industrial waste generators-together in a global forum that links professionals with a common interest in biomass utilization."

For an additional fee, conference attendees can tour three facilities in the region. The tour's first stop is West Oregon Wood Products' Banks, Ore., plant which uses forest and wood processing residues to create products such as fuel pellets and animal bedding. The facility is recognized nationally as a model for successfully processing biomass into products with real value in the marketplace.

Also on the tour is Summit Natural Energy, which operates facilities in North Plains and Cornelius, Ore., and uses food processing residues to produce more than 2 MMgy of ethanol. Using a molecular sieve Summit Natural Energy takes a low-energy and cost-conscious approach to making anhydrous alcohol. The company prides itself on producing the lowest carbon footprint fuel in North America.

The third stop on the tour is Clean Water Services' Rock Creek Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility in Hillsboro, Ore. The treatment plant utilizes anaerobic digestion and biogas recovery. The Rock Creek Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility won the U.S. EPA 2006 National Clean Water Act Recognition Award for operations and maintenance excellence in large facilities with advanced treatment.

"We've made every effort to develop a program that appeals to the wide range of industries that contribute to biomass-derived power, fuels and chemicals," said Craig Johnson, BBI International communications manager.

On Jan. 19, BBI unveiled its new Biomass Conference & Expo Web site and logo. With intuitive functionality, enhanced navigation and greater depth, the site provides a user-friendly entry point for attendees, exhibitors and sponsors to register, purchase exhibit space and peruse, print or download information about the event. The Web site prominently features content enhancements including a distinctive six-track agenda and speaker updates available as they happen.

"Online visitors will now experience a more complete picture of the growing biomass field," said BBI International Chief Executive Officer Mike Bryan. "Biomass and waste optimization is poised for exponential growth and developing a Web site to support the International Biomass Conference & Expo is integral to that development."

For more information and to register, visit the International Biomass Conference & Expo Web site.