EPA honors Kimberly-Clark for biomass use

Health and hygiene giant Kimberly-Clark Corp. made the U.S. EPA's list of the top 50 largest green power users for its use of wood waste in a cogeneration boiler to produce electricity. The EPA estimated the company offsets the carbon dioxide emissions of 29,000 cars in producing more than 220 million kilowatt-hours of biomass-derived power, or approximately 7 percent of the company's annual electrical use. Kimberly-Clark was ninth on the list among participating Fortune 500 companies.

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  1. Steve



    Kimberly-Clark Corp could give a damn about the environment. It is one of the largest pollutors of the the Puget Sound in Washington. Rather than install scrubbers to remove heavey metals from its waste it dilutes its waste with waste water from Everetts and Marysville treatment plants to pass the EPA regulations. Its Biomas use is only to gain the government subsidization which is in the millions gained from a loop hole in laws created for biomass fuels for cars.


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