OriginOil partners with Desmet Ballestra

By Anna Austin
Web exclusive posted May 5, 2009, at 12:57 p.m. CST

Algal oil extraction company OriginOil Inc. reported it has partnered with Beligum-based oil and fats technology developer Desmet Ballestra to create a more cost-efficient algae oil extraction system.

OriginOil CEO and President Riggs Eckelberry announced the partnership during a speaking engagement at the National Algae Association's fifth quarterly meeting, where he discussed potential gains from OriginOil's technology breakthrough. Eckelberry's presentation from the conference can be found on the OriginOil Web site at

Eckelberry said that like most current algae oil extraction systems on the market, the Desmet systems are quite expensive, but in early studies when implemented with OriginOil's system, the companies have estimated that energy efficiency gains may reach 90 percent in certain configurations.

Recently, OriginOil announced it is making progress toward reducing the cost of harvesting algae and extracting the oil in a rapid, one-step process utilizing an ultrasound-based Quantum Fracturing process with pH modification and electromagnetism. (See "OriginOil achieves rapid algae oil extraction" at

Desmet Ballestra North America President and CEO Timothy Kemper said the companies expect to announce further industry-impacting details in the months to come.

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