Frontline BioEnergy announces new investment, management team

Frontline BioEnergy announced the completion of a Series A equity transaction with founding partner, Chippewa Valley Ethanol Co. LLLP. The undisclosed equity investment increases CVEC's ownership and governance position in the biomass technology firm and further validates the ethanol cooperative's confidence in the potential of Frontline's technology. In a parallel move, CVEC General Manager William Lee accepted the post of Frontline BioEnergy CEO. As a co-founder and board member of Frontline BioEnergy, he brings to the new role a deep understanding of the company's technology and its applications. In another management change, Thomas Paskach was promoted to manager of business development. He will provide leadership to the company's sales and marketing efforts and will work with Lee and founders, John Reardon and Jerod Smeenk, to shape Frontline BioEnergy's s strategic direction.

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