Cheese plant installs wastewater treatment, digester

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Co. subsidiaries Biothane LLC and N.A. Water systems LLC have begun work installing an advanced wastewater treatment system at The Holmes Cheese Co. in Millersburg, Ohio, which will employ an anaerobic digestion technology to help reduce energy costs. Biothane's Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket system first passes wastewater through a pretreatment and conditioning tank where it is prepared for main treatment. It is then supplied via an influent distribution system on the UASB reactor ground, rising through a bed of granular biomass (sludge bed) where the treatment takes place. At the top, a three-phase settler separates the treated water from biogas and granular biomass, and water and biogas are drawn off separately while the granular is returned to the sludge bed.