Glycos Biotechnologies appoints CEO, expands management team

Glycos Biotechnologies Inc. a biochemical company, appointed Rich Cilento as CEO. A venture adviser for DFJ Mercury and an executive chairman for GlycosBio, Cilento will now be responsible for the daily operations of the company. With more than 20 years of leadership and technical experience in the petroleum, alternative energy, information technology and biotechnology industries, Cilento has a proven track record of creating and managing successful businesses. GlycosBio also appointed Daniel J. Monticello, as vice president, research and development. Monticello will be responsible for directing the lab operations for GlycosBio, including research, development and the overall efforts associated with scale-up and commercialization of GlycosBio's proprietary microbe technology. In addition, he will be responsible for overseeing GlycosBio's ongoing demonstration and commercialization efforts in Latin America.

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