Westervelt to generate biomass power in Alabama

| May 31, 2010
The Westervelt Co., a land resource organization, will supply Alabama Power with 7 megawatts of power from biomass through a long-term contract approved in May by the Alabama Service Commission.

Westervelt will generate power from wood byproducts from its Sustainable Forestry Initiative Chain of Custody Certified lumber production facility in Moundville, Ala., along with other sources, according to Westervelt. An incremental amount of 60,000 tons of feedstock is anticipated, according to Robby Johnson, Westervelt marketing manager.

Westervelt purchased a used steam turbine that is being reconditioned for the facility. Vendors have been selected and contracts are being finished, Johnson said, and commercial operation is expected to begin 14 months after engineering work begins. Enough biomass power will be generated to supply 3,000 residential customers.