Business Briefs

By Staff | April 28, 2011

GreCon online moisture analyzer maximizes production, profits
The GreCon IR 5000 moisture analyzer ensures high product quality through reliable moisture measurements unaffected by variations in pellet size, light, relative humidity, product temperature or height. After the initial installation, no recalibration is required, saving up to $70,000 in maintenance and calibration expenses over five years. The noncontact online measuring system IR 5000 uses light of the near infrared (NIR) region to determine the material moisture by reflection. Light rays from halogen lamps are led through a filter wheel to filter out the excessive spectral regions of the light. The light beam is divided into several measuring and reference beams by means of a high-quality, mirror-lens combination. The remaining rays of the NIR region are projected onto the measured pellets. Since the IR 5000 uses dual sensor technology, the reference light beam is consistent and as a result the moisture measurements are drift-free. launches stove finder tool, a distributor of wood pellet fuel, launched an innovative research tool for consumers to educate themselves before purchasing a wood or wood pellet heating system. The Stove Finder is designed to work collaboratively with industry manufacturers and hearth shops. By leveraging’s website traffic and marketing expertise, local businesses, which often have limited marketing budgets, are able to dramatically increase their visibility and outreach to consumers, and thus increase their sales. Before being directed to a local dealer, consumers can research products by manufacturer, fuel source, and appliance type, and compare stoves, fireplace inserts, furnaces and boilers side by side. In this way, consumers can find the perfect stove according to design, efficiency rating, size and options. The Stove Finder offers complimentary listings for manufacturers and dealers, which include contact information and product details and options. has also developed extensive sales packages for manufacturers and dealers to customize and improve their listings.

Modular conveyor guards improve safety and productivity
Martin Engineering, a bulk materials handling company, has announced a new generation of modular conveyor guards, enabling workers to do their jobs with reduced risk and greater efficiency, while helping to ensure plant compliance with safety standards and regulations. EVO Conveyor Guards from Martin Engineering provide a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution to conveyor guarding, with component designs to help keep personnel safe by restricting access to moving parts and pinch points. The user-friendly design of the new guards is provided by standardized panels that take a systematic approach to guarding, with the flexibility to fit virtually any conveyor design. Wedge clamps allow the guarding panels to be removed and reinstalled quickly and easily, so systems can be expanded or relocated as needed.  A variety of wedge bolts and bracket sizes are available to suit a wide range of mounting options. 

CBI introduces newest shingle grinder
Continental Business Industries Inc. recently unveiled its newest Magnum Force Series Grinder: the Shingle Pro XL 406. Because shingle grinding is one of the toughest applications a machine can be built for, the Shingle Pro XL 406's design features also make it ideally suited for high-volume reprocessing of all types of material into a small uniform end product. This includes wood and bark reground into high-quality mulch, or any other feedstock that requires regrinding into material such as pellet feedstock, pulverized fuel or waste material into kiln fuel. Designed for single-pass processing to a finished end product, the Shingle Pro XL 406 comes with a CAT C27, 1050 horsepower electric start engine; a unique hog box design, which allows the upper hog box and bonnet assembly to hydraulically lift to expose the rotor and grates for safer and easier maintenance; a heavy-duty reinforced housing with replaceable wear liners; a rugged forged rotor with heavy-duty hammers and tips that are easy and cost effective to maintain; an integrated water spray system designed to control dust in the grinding chamber (also doubles as a color injection system for mulch processing); a completely enclosed discharge conveyor for added dust control; and a unique engine cooling system that prevents radiator clogging.