Wolverine Power granted final air permit

By Anna Austin | July 18, 2011

Wolverine Power Corp.’s proposed 600-megawatt (MW) power plant planned for Rogers City, Mich., has received its final air permit from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

The MDEQ denied the permit in May 2010, advising Wolverine that it failed to demonstrate a need for the plant. The following February, a judge overturned the decision, ruling that the reasoning was not sufficient to deny Wolverine the permit.

Spokeswoman Nancy Tanner said that the permit is the last major permit needed for the Wolverine Clean Energy Venture, which would be fueled with a 95:5 coal/biomass mixture, using about 255,000 tons of woody biomass each year. It would be built at the site of a limestone quarry and consist of two 300-MW power generation units and a potential wind turbine farm to be located near Adams Point, south of Rogers City.

A biomass supply has not yet been secured, according to Tanner, as Wolverine is still determining whether it will proceed with the project. However, the company has worked with Michigan Technological University on biomass test plots, she said.

A construction date has not yet been set.   


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  1. Mark Trivett



    Jesse, It is a bigger step in the right direction than you understand. The reality is that there is a 75% to 1% biomass to coal. In other words, typically, (depending on the actual biomass in question) you have to supply 75 time the volume of the biomass to equal the base line of coal. Therefore at a 95% to 5% there may well be success. With that success, there should be improvements that will take it to 90% 10%. Inch by inch its a sinch... yard by yard its hard. Mark


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