Pushing for Advancement

A new trade association takes on Washington to build support for biobased diesel replacements
| December 02, 2010

The Global Biofuels Alliance was established to serve as a voice for small- and medium-sized companies active in the biofuels sector. Representing a wide range of industry players, including producers, traders, marketers, distributors and other interested parties, the group is focused on building support for all biobased diesel replacements, including biodiesel and renewable diesel.

Founding board member Wade Randlett says the alliance’s most pressing goal is the reinstatement of the biodiesel tax credit. “The biodiesel credit is the only means of leveling the playing field between petroleum diesel and renewable diesel,” he says. The second component of its mission is to ensure that the potential of new second-generation technologies are understood and valued. “We think that there is a new wave of technology, as well as business model innovation, that is going to occur so long as there is some leveling of the playing field between renewables and petroleum diesel,” Randlett says.

He also stresses that the alliance will serve and support both first- and second-gen biofuels technologies. “We’re stalwart defenders of virgin vegetable oil for biodiesel, but that doesn’t mean that it is the only product or only way of making a diesel replacement,” he says, noting that rather than a compete turnover to second- and third-generation technologies, the alliance is expecting the industry to broaden, to encompass a wide range of technologies, processes, and feedstocks. 

—Erin Voegele