Preparing a Prototype

Avjet Biotech selects design, installation partner
By Erin Voegele | May 20, 2011

North Carolina-based Avjet Biotech Inc. has announced the selection of Boulder, Colo.-based Continental Technologies LLC to establish its pre-prototype laboratory system, prototype aviation biofuel facility and commercial aviation biofuel refinery. Continental Technologies has experience designing, fabricating, installing and operating refineries and other processing systems.

“Our agreement with Continental Technologies will produce plans, specifications, schematics and equipment designs that we can implement at other small, distributive refineries across the globe,” says Marty Oliver, president of ABI. “Continental’s knowledge, support and years of experience will help Avjet become the turnkey provider for organizations that need small, distributive refineries.”

According to Avjet Biotech, it has delved a unique, patented refining technique that utilizes a thermal catalytic process to refine triglycerides into aviation fuels. The technology, referred to as the RWR System, is currently under development for sale as a small distributive refining system. The company’s subsidiary Red Wolf Refining has already been approached by potential customers regarding sublicenses.

“We are pleased to take this next step forward to see the laboratory scale facility built on the N.C. State University campus,” says Don Evans, chairman and CEO of ABI. “As our facilities grow into three stages of production scale, we will be able to provide aviation biofuels that will benefit the military and commercial aviation biofuel demands worldwide.”  —Erin Voegele