Biofuels companies deliver message to Capitol Hill

By The Advanced Biofuels Association | July 13, 2011

Executives of the nation’s top advanced biofuels companies met on Capitol Hill today for the summer board of directors meeting of the Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA). The meeting, held in the Capitol complex, featured a lineup of congressional and administration leaders and senior staff whose decisions affect the domestic biofuels industry. The afternoon segment had ABFA board members covering both sides of the Capitol as they met separately with more than 60 House and Senate offices. 

ABFA President Michael McAdams noted, “Our members are proof that advanced biofuels are not scientific hyperbole, but today’s reality. We had a very interactive meeting today as our members listened closely and asked questions of key decision makers, but also provided real world examples of advanced biofuels successfully being put to the test all across the country.” 

Robert Ames, ABFA Board Chairman and Vice President and General Manager at Tysons Foods and Dynamic Fuels, added, “As our companies continue to build on our success in delivering home-grown gallons of advanced biofuels today and tomorrow, we are sharing with Washington that policies they pass must be technology, feedstock, and product neutral, and provide long-term certainty for the markets.” 

ABFA Board Vice Chairman and Gevo’s Executive Vice President, Commercial & Public Affairs Jack Huttner said, “Advanced biofuels companies are set to deliver millions of gallons of drop-in fuels in 2012 that can be used by all kinds of engines without modification and require no new blender pumps or pipelines. Washington policy makers need to adjust their thinking to this new reality."

McAdams added, “We remain committed to working with congressional and administration leaders to find a common sense approach that benefits all biofuels and puts them on a level playing field.”