Elevance partners with Clariant in plastic bio-additives venture

By Erin Voegele | July 18, 2011

Elevance Renewable Sciences and Clariant International Ltd., Business Unit Additives, have announced an agreement to cooperate within the field of renewable products. The companies are joining Clariant’s market knowledge and formulation development capabilities with Elevance’s unique renewable products and patented process technology in order to commercialize renewable additives for plastics.

According to Andy Shafer, Elevance’s executive vice president of sales and market development, his company has been working with Clariant on some products for more than a year already. “We have tried to select areas that would be significant opportunities for both of our companies,” he said.

“Elevance brings to the collaboration some of our novel renewable wax materials, and the technology to produce novel renewable waxes,” Shafer added. “Clariant has an existing business in that space where they have some subsequent processing capabilities as well as significant market access and applications, capabilities and knowledge.” Shafer also said that the initial focus for the partnership will be renewable wax materials.

I think the first result of this partnership will be that Clariant will be able to very quickly introduce some new products into the market place based on Elevance technology, Shafer said. He added that his company’s technology and products are very robust. “There are a tremendous number of products and markets where our products can create new technology and new performance benefits,” he said. “But for us to try to develop all of those, generate all of the applications and performance information for customers, establish all of the downstream customer relationships, all of that would be very time consuming and we just don’t have the resources to do all that. By collaborating with companies like Clariant, and many other partners we are establishing, we can work with them, use their existing customer relationships and applications, development, knowledge and capabilities to get products to market much faster to benefit both Elevance, our partners and their customers with new products and new materials, much quicker than could otherwise be done.”

The partnership will also benefit Clariant by allowing the company to build its portfolio of renewable products. “Working with Elevance offers Clariant the opportunity to further develop our renewable component of our specialty product range and build on a platform that further expands our global portfolio and capabilities in the plastics market,” said Bernhard Ehrenreich, vice president and head of BL Waxes at Clariant.