Finished Flexible Film

Mirel bioplastic selected for a new line of film products
By Erin Voegele | August 22, 2011

Minnesota-based Cortec Corp. will use Mirel bioplastics to manufacture a new line of film products. The manufacturer of the material, Telles, a joint venture of Metabolix Inc. and Archer Daniels Midland Co., has been working with Cortec through a mutual development and commercialization effort to develop a proprietary processing and extrusion method, resulting in the first commercially viable finished flexible film products made from Mirel P5001 film grade resin.

“Our combined effort with the Telles technical team to develop a unique method of extrusion-blown film products has resulted in a process innovation,” says Boris Miksic, president and CEO of Cortec. “The combination of Mirel film resin with the new extrusion and processing method delivers practical and diverse benefits for end-users, including multiple end-of-life options.”

Cortec will launch two new products based on Mirel P5001; EcoOcean, for marine biodegradable markets, and Eco Works for disposal in anaerobic digestion systems. Mirel P5001 was tested and approved under ASTM D7081 and ASTM D5511 to ensure compliance with biodegradation in marine environments and anaerobic biodegradation. 

—Erin Voegele