Get in on the ground floor

If you're not in this space yet, what are you waiting for?
By Ron Kotrba | September 01, 2011

Companies that are on the fence as to whether they should make moves in the biorefining space with their services, technologies and equipment need to ask themselves, do you want to be a leader, or are you comfortable being a follower?

It has been one year since BBI International launched Biorefining Magazine, and we are committed more than ever, a year later, to this emerging, promising sector. Look at the trend of where policy and the markets are going, and it’s clear that advanced renewable fuels and biobased chemicals are THE future of energy and chemistry worldwide.

The benefits of getting in early and establishing a presence include building name recognition and branding.

Also, early players are more apt to develop key relationships, joint ventures and partners.

Early market share that is proven to be sustained when the market commercializes is also a major benefit to getting in on the ground floor.

Those who get in early are perceived as experts in their fields, and they are the ones to who project developers will turn when they are ready to move forward with their project.

And let’s not forget the important role of industry support and development. The bottom line is if you want to be in the biorefining space, then you have to support the industry and its development.

We are doing our part to advance biorefining development through our publications, websites and conferences. Are you doing yours?