Response to 'Denial of contract based on price' posting

An inflamed response to my FAME Forum biodiesel blog about Hawaii's public utilities commission denying HECO's 20-year offtake agreement for biomass-based diesel.
By Ron Kotrba | October 06, 2011

Yesterday I posted this entry to my FAME Forum biodiesel blog about Hawaii’s public utilities commission denying Hawaii Electric Co.’s application to a 20-year purchase agreement for biomass-based diesel from Aina Koa Pono, based on price.

Ed Wagner of Mililani, Hawaii, who has been very outspoken on the Web regarding HECO and the Aina Koa Pono project, responded to my post yesterday in an email, which I’ve posted below. 

I saw your Oct 5 article in Biodiesel Magazine about Hawaiian Electric - Aina Koa Pono.

Just for once, I wish someone … would tell the whole truth, and nothing but the entire ugly truth to the biofuel industry about all the lies, deception, misinformation, missing information, fudged or manipulated data, international trade infringement issues, and more, about the (allegedly) fraudulent HECO-Aina Koa Pono application to the [public utilities commission]. To me, this application was nothing short of being a conspiracy to commit fraud against the people of Hawaii, and I've got the attention of people in Washington, including the [justice department], Senate Subcommittee on Energy, the [Federal Trade Commission], and even the Danish Ambassador to the US.

PUC Chairman Morita is Hawaii's version of Elizabeth Warren. Our Governor is highly pissed by what she did because she thinks too much about Hawaii's people and their future, and doesn't follow his orders to do whatever HECO wants to do. He may attempt to replace her, and if he does, the public outcry will be heard all the way to Washington.

HECO is a state-sponsored monopoly that has a stranglehold on our energy future. It is a tired old dinosaur with a mentally challenged Neanderthal philosophy. It wants to keep burning stuff for another 20 years to generate electricity because it is the only way it knows how to do so. We have all the geothermal, wind, solar, and ocean technology to electrify the entire state in 10 years. HECO wants to displace these much cheaper forms of energy, especially geothermal energy, so it can keep its fire burning and air polluting generating plants for 20 more years.

Almost everyone in Hawaii is beholden to HECO in one way or another and bow down before it in idolatrous worship as their false energy God. This town is more corrupt than Chicago.

The entire application was a blatant lie, and our Consumer Advocacy is a joke and a sham for ignoring all the red flags and fully supporting the project to the bitter end.