Giveaways at the 2011 Algae Biomass Summit

Four algae experts will now have something to show for their work involving an algae harvesting centrifuge system. Each expert who worked with or supported the Evodos centrifugal system, will get their own free Evodos system.
| October 18, 2011

Four algae experts will now have something to show for their work involving an algae harvesting centrifuge system. Mark Edwards, professor at Arizona State University and one of the top algae minds in the country, Mario Tredici, professor at the University of Florence, Italy and the President of the European Algae Biomass Association, Kirsten Heimann, a professor at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia where Heimann is also responsible for testing for MBD Energy, and Rene Wijffels, professor at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, will all receive their own algae harvesting centrifugal system developed by Evodos BV. Why? Because each one worked with or supported Evodos, testing or helping in the development of the system.

Each algae expert will receive their system at the 2011 Algae Biomass Summit, October 24-27 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Of Evodos’ systems, Edwards pointed out the ability of the system to harvest small algae with efficiency while Tredici noted the “great achievement” of a system that can concentrate the biomass slurry into a dry solid paste with an energy expenditure of 0.95kWh/m3. Heimann noted the added shelf life of the algae that comes out of the system and Wijffels spoke to the importance of having a low energy harvesting system as a means to commercialize an algae process.

So why did Marco Brocken, CEO for Evodos, decide to give away four harvesting units? Because, as Brocken explains, “the assistance and feedback of these scientists (each one worked with, tested or showed positive support of the system) were vital for us to understand the business requirements in the algae industry.” For those of us who are going to Minneapolis and aren’t planning on brining back our own harvesting system, at least we know people like Edwards and others will be there, helping us to further understand and experience “the business requirements in the algae industry.” 



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