NC wants to give your advanced project cash

North Carolina is seeking RFPs for grant funding under its Advanced Biofuels Commercialization program.
By Ron Kotrba | October 27, 2011

There’s no shortage of advanced biofuel projects in North Carolina, from emerging second-generation projects we cover in Biorefining Magazine on a continual basis to established biodiesel plants we follow in Biodiesel Magazine.

North Carolina's goal is, by 2017, to have 10 percent of liquid fuels sold in the state be biofuels that are grown and produced within its borders. One entity helping to accomplish this is the Biofuels Center of North Carolina and its grants program.

The Center just recently announced its grants program request for proposals for 2012, which will award funding through the Advanced Biofuels Commercialization program.

The required forms can be found on the Biofuels Center website by clicking on Grants.

Required letters of intent to ppply are due Nov. 14, and detailed applications are due Dec. 15.

Applicants with questions are directed to contact Director of Contracts and Grants Kris Allsbury at or at (919) 693-3000, ext. 259.