ABFA launches Biofuel STAT video series

Lawmakers and opinion leaders in Washington now have access to first-hand accounts from the C-Suite of the nation's top advanced biofuel companies.
By Ron Kotrba | December 22, 2011

The Advanced Biofuels Association launched a new online video series, Biofuel STAT, which gives viewers, particularly those policymakers in Washington who need it most, a unique perspective on the state of America’s domestic biofuels industry from its challenges to its success and future. The series features C-level members of advanced biofuel companies.

“It doesn’t get more real than this,” said ABFA’s President Michael McAdams at today’s launch in Washington. “Lawmakers and opinion leaders in Washington now have access to first-hand accounts from the C-Suite of the nation’s top advanced biofuels companies as their top executives answer the same, industry-probing three questions with real-world answers that could help fuel America's next revolution in renewable energy.”

Each episode of Biofuel STAT will feature the CEO, or other executive, of each member company of the ABFA answering the following questions. 

- What is the biggest challenge to growing your business?

- What is the next "aha moment" for America's biofuels industry?

-What does the biofuels industry look like 5 years from now?

McAdams added, “Each episode will help Washington better understand that now, is not a time to shy away and remove the public policy instruments that can help drive our nation to the day that Americans pull up to their neighborhood gas stations and fill up with advanced or cellulosic replacement fuels.  We’re already starting to see advanced biofuels delivering on its promise of creating new jobs, and providing economic and energy security for our nation.” 

The first episode features Wayne Simmons, CEO of Sundrop Fuels, a company that has sited its first plant in Louisiana where it will convert syngas created from biomass into green gasoline, diesel and aviation drop-in fuels.

Listen to it yourself by clicking on the link above. In short, Simmons says the biggest challenge to growing his business is the lack of long-term certainty. The next “aha moment” moment for the American biofuels industry is significant gallons in the marketplace coming from advanced biofuel plants under development or construction today, and the mechanisms that enable that.  Simmons says in five years the industry will be producing a number of fuels to supplement the gasoline, jet and diesel markets from a number of different process technologies.