Renewable fuels consulting group adds solar experts to roster

By Lee Enterprises Consulting | April 10, 2012

Lee Enterprises Consulting Group announced the addition of California-based solar experts, Bob Parkins Renewable Energy Consultants, as its newest strategic alliance. According to CEO Wayne Lee, the addition of the solar expert team is the first step in a series of expansions announced earlier this year. Lee noted that many in his group already have significant presences in multiple alternative and renewable fuels sectors, and that the group continues to see an increasing number of inquiries from projects that involve multiple sectors. Lee said the group’s goal is to be a single place that investors, developers and others can call for any matter related to alternative or renewable fuels. 

Lee Enterprises Consulting already has the largest presence in alternative fuels—a factor that Lee said is purely a byproduct of the group’s vision. “Certainly there is great comfort in knowing that we have such a broad talent pool to call upon,” he said, “but our primary consideration is always to insure that we only affiliate with the top groups within their industries.” He added that Parkins’ credentials and reputation made the group a perfect match for the solar component.

Bob Parkins, president of the solar company, has a B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and more than 40 years of experience as an engineer, 20 of which have been in the solar industry. He is a registered Professional Engineer in California, a Certified Energy Manager, C-46 Contractor (Calif.) and a solar energy instructor. He serves on the Board of Directors for many solar groups and has extensive experience as a project manager and supervisor in building design and construction with the Army Corps of Engineers, the Western Area Power Administration, and in the private sector. Parkins has also served as a PV technical consultant to the U.S. DOE and Federal Energy Management Program and has guided numerous projects worldwide, from very large utility programs in the U.S., India, South Africa, Mexico, and Chile, to smaller village level projects in the third-world countries.

“Lee Enterprises Consulting is certainly in a class of its own when it comes to alternative and renewable fuels,” said Parkins. “They have a very complete group with experts in almost every area, and we are honored to have been selected as their solar component.” 

Lee and Parkins are also both adamant about the future of alternative and renewable fuels’ vital importance in the economic, environmental and security future of the U.S. and the world, and they agree that solar power will continue to be a major component of that future. “It has noted that if we could harness just one-hundredth of a percent of the sun’s energy, we could power everything in the entire world,” Lee said. “The future of solar seems pretty obvious.” 

Lee maintains that although his group is already the largest of its kind, it will continue to grow until every component is covered. The new solar alliance brings the group one step closer to fulfilling its ultimate goal.   

Lee Enterprises is a biodiesel consulting firm specializing in project oversight and management, feasibility studies, grants, business plans, and assistance with planning, market analysis, site evaluation, feedstock selection and procurement, process technology, evaluation, offtake distribution, RINs, financing, capital budgeting, cold soak, filtration, personnel, and contract negotiations (for feedstock, offtake, transportation, construction, site purchase/lease, and plant management). The group also owns National Business Brokerage Inc., a full-service business brokerage firm specializing in the buying and selling of biodiesel plants. 

Bob Parkins Renewable Energy Consultants was founded and operated by highly experienced Professional Engineer, Bob Parkins. The company has a proven track record in developing complex photovoltaic projects going back 20 years. The company provides solar energy expertise in both public and private sectors, and can assist clients with bid solicitation, project management, engineering and design, technology evaluations, feasibility studies and many other services within the solar industry.