Investment aims to reduce NWT community energy costs with biomass

By Anna Simet | August 03, 2012

The Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency and the Northwest Territories Minister of Environment and Natural Resources have announced a multi-year investment of over $5.7 million to create opportunities for a sustainable woody biomass industry in Canada's Northwest Territories.

The goal of the initiative is to create jobs and growth in northern Canada, particularly in First Nations communities. Funding will support efforts to complete forest inventories and sustainability analyses for broad forest areas, so communities can benefit from the strategic development of biomass energy and forest resource development opportunities in the NWT.

For the effort, the Canadian government is providing $3.7 million from CanNor, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and Natural Resources Canada, as well as $2 million from the Northwest Territories government.  Besides creating an industry and generating jobs, the groups intend for the investment to help reduce energy costs in northern communities, and enable them tohave increased control over local forestry resources and reduce dependence on imported fuels.




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