Weltec develops biogas plant in Switzerland

By Staff | August 29, 2012

Germany-based Weltec Biopower GmbH is building a 370 kW biogas plant in Bure, Switzerland, for Bio.Etique.Energy SA. The facility is expected to begin operations in November. Once the plant is running at capacity, it will feed approximately 3 GWh of electricity into the grid per year and supply 2.6 GWh of excess heat to military barracks.

The facility will take in agricultural waste as feedstock, including liquid manure, dung, green waste and grain waste. Weltec said that the plant will utilize a wet fermentation process, which is suitable for processing heterogeneous wastes. The biogas facility will feature a 3,994-cubic-meter fermenter, a 45-cubic-meter solid matter dosing feeder, and a gas-tight storage unit with a capacity of 4,078 cubic meters.

Weltec also recently announced that its client Fernbrook Bio won the 2012 UK AD & Biogas Association’s Best Biogas Project award for its 1.5 MW biogas plant in the U.K.