Lignol, Novozymes successfully complete enzyme optimization work

By Lignol Energy Corp. | September 07, 2012

Lignol Energy Corp., a leading technology company in the advanced biofuels and renewable chemicals sector, recently announced that it has successfully completed a major body of work in producing cellulosic ethanol at Lignol's pilot-scale biorefinery, in partnership with Novozymes Inc., a world leader in bio-innovation.

The work involved optimization of process conditions for the use of Novozymes' latest cellulase enzyme preparation, Cellic CTec 3, with Lignol's substrate, using Lignol's 2,500 liter (660 gallon) fermenters. Performance improvements of up to 35 percent were observed, as compared to previously best achieved results.

"The results from this collaborative project represent a substantial achievement due to the efficiency gains we have made over the last two years with our own process improvements and through the leadership of Novozymes in enzyme development," said Ross MacLachlan, president and CEO of Lignol. "We plan to continue our collaboration with Novozymes to reach our goal of producing cellulosic ethanol at production costs competitive with gasoline and corn ethanol."




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