Biomass Industry Directory Includes Everything Pellets

By Anna Simet | November 06, 2012

Last week, BBI International and Biomass Magazine officially launched an online biomass industry directory.

It’s free and available to those interested in connecting with the biomass industry, already containing organized contact information for 450 biomass-related companies. Looking for a feedstock or fuel pellet supplier, pellet mill die, drum dryer or hammer mill? Or maybe legal services or a feasibility study for a project? You can find them all here, and they are organized into categories, which include:

-ag products and services

-associations and organizations

-densification and size reduction



-engineering and construction

-feedstock supply

-legal services

-material handling and storage

-process equipment and services

-project development and finance

-research and development


BBI International/Biomass Magazine also produces a print edition of the directory, which we’re getting ready to do so for the third time. If you’re a subscriber to Pellet Mill Magazine or Biomass Magazine, you’ll get your copy in the mail.

If you want your company listed, just click the link on the website I linked above—the first one is free.

This blog sounds a bit like a pitch (it sort of is, but can you blame me for being proud?), but I really think you’ll find the directory incredibly helpful. So often I get emails from readers asking me for information for a pellet stove supplier or a biomass boiler manufacturer, and now that information is all in one place, it allows one to sort of shop around. Not to mention find what he or she is looking for right away, instead of trying to wade through a Google search.

So check it out, and make sure you aren't left out.